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Our Services

Software Development

Take your business to the next level with our bespoke software development services. Either you outsource part or all of the projects our resources help you fill the gap with their vast skills and expertise.

Application Modernization

Update your outdated application, systems and code according to the changing business needs.We help you integrating or migrating your legacy systems to newer technologies while retaining your valuable data.

It Support Services

Our IT support team will ensure continuous monitoring and timely resolution of detected and reported incidents to increase the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. We provide L1, L2, L3 support levels . Based on the complexity of your applications/requirements we tailor our services to suit your support models.

Application Support & Maintenance

Availaibility of application , smooth running and optimized software not only helps you but also your customers. A well oiled machine keeps running to the optimum. In the same way we help you with the upkeep of your application by providing reliable, scalable and efficient application support, optimization and evolution.

Resource Augmentation

We help you fill in the gaps with our expert resource pool. You can hire us for long term or short term process.It is a strategy to speed up delivery time or fill in resource gaps by hiring tech talents from an outsourcing vendor.

Cloud Development

Have you decided to move to cloud? Either it's a migrating project or development on cloud our expert team is here to help.

Our Business Models

Full Outsourcing

You entrust us with the whole development process, with full responsibility for team organization and management, quality of the products, and accompanying risks. The team should cover all development stages, from business analysis to solutions as well as support.

Staff Augmentation

We help you with filling in the skill and resource gaps within your development team.Easy to scale up and down for adapting to the changing business needs.Work with our experienced resource pool , who together with your team to create a One Team synergy towards a common goal.

Dedicated Team

This IT outsourcing model (also known as fee per team) means that we provide you with a dedicated team of employees to work on your project. Having a dedicated development team at your disposal is as close to having an in-house expert team as possible. This helps you expanding your software development capabilities and minimizing management efforts.

Why Outsource?

In an increasingly competitive business world, growth depends on the effective management of assets, including by the maximum concentration of resources on the core activity of the organization. And in periods of rapid growth, the back-end operations of business expand and require a high expenditure of resources. When you allocate more resources to performing secondary activities, you have less time, money, human resources, etc. to provide quality front-end services.

Therefore, outsourcing is an optimal choice to:

  • Be more flexible in resources allocation and frees up more of your resources for more practical uses.
  • Multiply the company’s performance with less time through external assistance
  • Reduce the pressure on your employees and yourself – as a manager or a chief. Therefore, increasing the “happiness rate” within the company and improving the overall productivity of employees.

What Do You Achieve By Outsourcing?

Bridges the gap in skill requirement

Enables focus on core functions

Is a costing cutting tool

Solves capability issues

Greater global scalability

Caters to critical business needs

Enhances service quality

Pricing Options For Our Service

Fixed Price

Working with outsourcing partners with experience implementing similar projects. A fixed price is an IT outsourcing model within which you agree to pay a fixed amount of money for a specific project.
Suitable for: Feasibility study, PoC, small well defined software development projects with clear and stable requirements.You pay the price established by a contract.

Time & Material

Time & Materials (known as T&M) means that you pay for the number of labor hours and the cost of materials. This outsourcing model prioritizes the quality of your end product. You receive a monthly invoice based on the time spent and/or efforts made. Suitable for: Longer projects.Projects with unclear requirements or requirements that are likely to change. You pay the price established by a contract.

Per-ticket Pricing

With this model, you pay for each incident (called a ticket) that your users generate by contacting the IT help desk. Essentially, if the vendor creates a ticket and works on it, you pay. Suitable for: L1, L2 application support.

Fixed Monthly Fee

With our fixed monthly engagement model, your business development can achieve a competitive advantage. We define the hourly rate for app support activities. After the service is delivered, you pay for a bunch of hours during which we’ve been providing application support.

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