IT in manufacturing is no longer an abstract system that enables a service. It’s a tangible architecture that makes producing products possible. In a world of fast paced production and time to market completion, manufacturing units have to keep pace and adapt technologies which help them run a seamless production facility. If you are facing any of these challenges, its time to start strategizing your IT and bring in newer solution which not only automate but also helps in predictive analysis used in planning:

Data Storage

Inventory Control

Link All the Departments  of the Company

Automating Work Order Management


Streamlining Supply Chain & Order Fulfillment Process


Providing Accurate Data & Improve Decision-Making

With our manufacturing services, we provide cost effective solutions to businesses to gain a competitive edge.

Business Operation Services​

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our team helps you build a cost-effective, scalable ERP solution which is tailored to  your business ,that integrates all business management functions and facilitates data-driven decision-making. We develop end-end ERP solution and module wise development based on your requirement.

Supply chain management

We help you build a precise system which helps you gain real-time visibility & analytics on your inventory levels and the associated costs which helps a business better align inventory levels with the production demand, optimize inventory carrying costs, & mitigate internal and external inventory-related risks.

Customer Relationship Management

Personalize your customer experience across all the channels . We help you build solutions to compile, manage & analyze  customer information to increase sales opportunities via lead & customer analytics which  improves business relationships with customers, & plan production more accurately

Document management

Create, collaborate, search and share information quickly and efficiently.We help you create solutions which offers you a secure resource for documents archival, versioning and retrieval and eases decision making process.

Warehouse Management

A warehouse management system allows for visibility, maintenance, & improvement of your warehouse’s operations & processes.We help you build solutions which maximize your labor utilization offers real-time transaction processing, optimized storage strategies, directed task management and much more.

Inventory Management

Equipment management systems allow you to track and manage the tools and small equipment that help your business succeed. Managing equipment maintenance and expenses in a centralized software maximizes efficiency and improves your return on investment (ROI).

our expertise

Expert Team

With more than 18 years of experience we apply the latest in advanced manufacturing techniques combined with Lean Six Sigma principles to bring your products to market—better, faster and smarter.

Product Design

We understand the value behind having a solid design: this is why partnering with us at the early stage of your project will help isolate design imperfections impacting the manufacturability of your product.

ISO Certification

We have meticulously planned framework by an expert team of professionals. An extensive network of also what we offer to our customers to get their company ISO certified.

Process Improvement & Consultancy Services

Driving manufacturing process improvement is one of the most effective ways to increase quality, operational efficiency, and the bottom line.

We help you with Lean Implementation Projects, Process Development, Kaizen and 5S.

Total Quality Management Implementation. Process Up-gradation, Improvement and Design Validation.

We provide solutions in Turnover Management with statistical analysis concept.

Skill Matrix analysis and improvement of effective personal productivity.

Manpower planning, development and effective utilization of resources

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